Systematic Failures

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On 6.07.2019 Manya put out a new single introducing the album Systematic Failures that she is currently working on.

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Dark Pop Music

"Be the only one who knows
Or don´t question anything.
You´ll get trapped in time forever
Wondering what it will bring..."

Life Ode

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No one was waiting for her but there she comes and now it won't work without MANYA. From the shallows of Russian Black Earth Belt, the singer and composer found her way to us. Her second single "Family" and the summer tour of the same name made her fans cock up their ears and showed that pop-music doesn't need flat lyrics to get into your head. 

MANYA connects indie  rock with dark and dream pop elements. She lets the listeners enter a world, where scolded protagonists are fighting for their right to become happy. Although not every story has a happy ending, the will to live triumphs over danger and suffering.

With her first EP Stars (2017) and the Single-Release Family, "slavic Pocahontas" loosed butterflies in stomachs of music lovers not only in Vienna, her home base, but also played in half Europe within her extended Life Ode 2017 Tour. 

On 14.12.2018, she released a new single “Blue Whales Fly Upwards”, and went on a new tour, this time with the Maniacs, who support MANYA live. Details and concert dates can be inferred from the profile The young project is on its conquest way of new realms and, who knows, what listeners, musicians and collaborations MANYA would encounter on her journey... Perhaps, even you?

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