In this section you will find the lyrics of Manya´s released songs.

Disappear (2019)


Verse 1.
I couldn't try to rewind
What went on at that night
But I cannot sacrifice
Memories of your life

Could you wait just for a moment
Could you make us believe, that
You could have the life they’d promised
And the fairy tales exist

I´m still blind
I can´t see that clear -
Why would you disappear?
And I cry
When I try heal
My heart with memories

Verse 2
How could you ever resist
All those calling voices
Why did you cease to exist
Was it your choise

Bridge 2
Did you ever ask to take you with them
Had you prayed to satan
I know, circling was your favorite wisdom, Brother I hope you had fun

I’m still blind,
Cannot see that clear
Why would you disappear
And I smile
Trying to believe
Your heart is still with me
Yes, I’m deaf,
I don’t want to hear
How could you disappear?
And I cry
When I try to heal
My heart with memories about you

Leaving could be a big deal for me,
For anyone but not for you
Dear do you know I´m still thinking of anything I couldn´t do
To let you stay here
But I let you go

Life Ode (2017)

Verse 1

Life is gonna kill you in the end 

It is gonna tear you down 

If you get another clear answer 

It’s just giving you the run around 


Make the plan and try to stop its spinning

No one will regret that you are leaving 

 Stay the same till you get bored 

Start the cruise and never shore.


Be the only one who knows 

Or don’t question anything 

You'll get trapped in time forever

Wondering what it would bring

Be the only one who knows 

Or don’t question anything

You'll get trapped in time forever wondering

Oh wondering oh wondering what it will bring   


To hope or not to hope this is the statement

Distrust or still believe in tales

Fall into deep despair and keep your head up

Cleaning up your soul, repairing fails

Find the truth and give me some advice 

How to grasp the life if you are wise.



Blue whales fly upwards (2018)

Verse 1

I started playing this game when I was desperate
I chose to close my heart
I couldn't sleep well so I talked to them
They were smart
And I never, told you baby,
How bad I wanted to be near
But if you´d been braver and let me love you
I would have never disappeared

If you saw me
If you hadn´t been so blind
Then I could be still alive
If you loved me
Not only in your head,
Then you wouldn´t regret

Verse 2
The first step was to cut myself
I had to show the blood
They wanted me to leave my home
I spent that night in parks
Wake me up at 4 a.m.
Tell me I don´t have to die
Cuz if you reached me
That wouldn't happen
Now it's no more need to cry

Chorus 2.


I wasn´t perfect, and knew you liked it
But you kept silent, that´s what the life is
They were so cruel, I thought they helped me/were to help me
I wasn´t sure, the death was better
It seemed much warmer, than freaks around me
It gave me harmony, calmed me down
Though I was stupid, I needed safety
Now it´s too late to chase me

Chorus 3:

If you noticed that
Hadn´t been so fucking blind
Then I should be still alive
If you love me
You just move on and forget
Noone has to regret

Stars (2018)

Verse 1

Oh, shiny stars, oh, dark blue sky,

I’ve got a question for you

Why do my heart earn tiny scars,

When my life seems to bore you?

Bridge                                                                  I’m getting red, I’m getting scared,

My blood is racing through me.

And if it’s real, what I bear,

Then I’ll stay strong and gloomy. 

I love you stars, I love you, sky,

Please, let us be connected,

Just let me, only for a while,

Not be so staid and sceptic.

My heart is always aching when I touch the sky,

I want to rise, but it is hurting so bad.

I try to bring you my love through the crowd

And give you more, than I can ever expect.

But I am losing you, losing you forever, forever (x2)

Verse 2

I try to stay away from threats,

I aim to rule my being

After I play, I’d drop the meds

And start a thoughtful clearing.

Bridge 2

I’m so afraid to be alive,

I’m running from my calling.

So trembling trying to survive,

Not purposeful, just strolling.

I love you, stars, admire you, stars,

Please, give me a path of motion

And give me strength not to be shy

While showing a devotion.




Verse 1

How do you wanna give

How do you wanna give up this way

How do you wanna live

 If you just always keep up to this game


And if you fade away

You never will regret you will find

A new place where you can

Keep playing with your toys, be alive


They decorate your whole life

You want them only behind

You have no place in your heart

For those who aren´t that smart 

Post Chorus

As you

As those who´ve been before

So true

You never thought of more 

Verse 2

The first, oh, he has no face

He dumb, but he is good to you

He can get what you chase

The second one has sex, can fuck you


But you love the third

He´s gonna cheat on you, being smooth

He never loves his girls

He s praying to the white god


But he´s interesting to you

You believe in a happy end

What he says is never true

But you always want to mend him


They decorate your whole life

You want them only behind

You have no place in your heart

For those who aren´t playing that hard

Post Chorus

As you

As those who´ve been before

And squeeze you in your heart


Family (2018)

Verse 1

You need the drugs for writing right
You need a fight to call a muse
To let it go you need a fight
And for some words an intense abuse


So, what, what for he drops this in
Why is he killing down that brain?
He never stops to let it spin
He starts it over and again


Only the oldest wait for everyone
Only they understood:
Whatever you do in life in your life
Do it for the good of your family
They ll never give up
Your family
They tell you when to stop....

Verse 2

This kick's a thrill for everyone
It  so much happiness
A drug, a fight, a love and sex
To hunt away the stress.

Bridge 2

Don't scold yourself for being weak
Just yield to the temptation
But poise your brain, don't let it leak
Just switch it off and on.

Verse 3

She tries to mend her old mistakes
But fails and stops to move

At once her principles just break

She gives them all her love